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increase joy, dispel disappointment, encourage empathy
follow the prompts to share the moment(s)
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If you are viewing the sculptures on location, please complete this survey before submitting your story.

The “And then, I…” interactive tour project features art work directly related to life experience.  The final exhibit of the project will combine the sculptures with visitor-produced content: site comments, survey results, and submitted stories of pivotal moments (June 2015 at the Cox Creative Center in Little Rock).  The public is invited to this culminating multi-media gallery exhibit.

Each way to respond to the art work is different and valuable to the success of the tour project.  Online visitors are invited to complete the survey below and submit a personal story after viewing the “Exhibit Tour” page of installation images.  On site visitors are invited to complete all three.   Your time and submissions to the “And then, I…” interactive tour project are greatly appreciated and will remain confidential.


All visitor submissions, both blog and exhibit tour-inspired, are welcome. Contribute your original story or anecdote on this page. To complete an exhibit survey after viewing the artwork, you can scan the tour QR code available at the exhibit or click here.



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Name a life-changing situation from your memory and experience.

Summarize how you shared information about this situation with your friends and their reactions.

Describe your pivotal moment: what happened that changed your opinion, understanding, your decision, or your understanding about yourself and that situation.

Then tell what you did or said next, beginning with the phrase, "And then, I..."