Shared Story about Group 2

I’ve never had a lot of friends.  But I had this one friend I nearly gave up on because she couldn’t let go.   BlogGroup 2b 360Instead of laughing, she’d smile. Instead of having fun, she’d sit on the sidelines. Instead of reacting, she’d just tighten up.  Instead of crying or complaining, she’d stay to herself until she could explain what had been bothering her.  I felt like a drama queen around her–she was so calm.  Sometimes I wanted to pinch her–just to see what she’d do.  I was hateful to her one day, and she apologized for disappointing me.  Then I felt incredibly guilty.  I apologized, but I didn’t tell her what I really wanted.  I wanted to get a rise out of her.  To see if there was any part of her I could identify with. Turns out, I could.  We later learned that we were both emotionally abused as children.  I fought it.  She didn’t.  And then we got to be good friends.