More than Anybody Wants to Know

I was raised to fear “being a bore” by talking too much about myself or something few people were interested in.  So I was understandably drawn to begin my first blog with the And then, I… project because I needed a place to think/write/say anything I wanted without worrying that someone had to listen to it!  As far as I know, almost nobody reads this blog, I’m comfortable that I’m not boring anybody, and I’m having a blast thinking about the last 12 months of art-making, touring, connecting, and reporting results about And then, I… to the Mid-America Arts Alliance.  To document the project, I created a 2.5 minute video slide show of some highlights:  I also contracted with Little Rock videographer Michael Ferrara to document the culminating exhibition improvisations.  Viewing this YouTube piece will require patience: it’s in HD and takes a bit to load, and the ambient HVAC sound obscures the dialog since it was filmed sans wireless mikes, but the performers are delightful: