And then, they…spoke

Thanks to Cindy Romeo, Conway educator and theater maven, the culminating exhibit of the And then, I… tour included a performance component based on the interactive viewer contributions.  Katie Campbell directed four improvisations, each one based on feedback for each sculpture installation. Arkansas actresses Verda Davenport-Booher, Erin Fowler, and Aleigha Morton used the commentary as a basis for the scenes they created as an homage to the theme of the exhibit:  pivotal moments in the lives of women.  I confess that at first their youthful appearances and voices seemed unseasoned.  It seemed unlikely that they could have personally experienced the situations they had developed.  But pivotal moments don’t come with “Born On” or “Use By” dates, and anybody at any age can experience a traumatic or ecstatic moment that they want or need to share–and that urgency transfers regardless of age or situation.  Instead, I celebrated the work of these young women, glad I had contracted with Katie to direct and them to perform: it was fun to hear their interpretation of what I had been collecting and reading for several months.  Including the improvisations was a way to play it forward: for these emerging professionals and for the viewers, who received an enriched experience.  Thanks, Cindy: meet you at Blue Sail Coffee anytime!

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left to right: Erin Fowler, Aleigha Morton, Veda Davenport-Booher

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left to right: Aleigha Morton, Erin Fowler, Veda Davenport-Booher













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Barbara Satterfield and Cindy Romeo


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left to right: Veda Davenport-Booher, Barbara Satterfield, Erin Fowler, Cindy Romeo, Katie Campbell, Aleigha Morton